We are strengthening the defense of Ukraine by ensuring mobility, for the sake of saving life

Charitable Foundation "Avto Sich"

Who we are

The "Avto Sich" Foundation is a non-profit organization established to provide the units of the Armed Forces, National Military Police, and Military Police with automobile transport, ammunition, and special means for specific requests and needs.

Our mission

Contribute to the strengthening of the defense of Ukraine by ensuring mobility, for the sake of saving life

Activities of the fund

Procurement of motor vehicles for the specific needs and tasks of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NGU, TRO in accordance with requests submitted by unit commanders

Current repair, restoration, improvement of the existing material fund.

Purchase of necessary ammunition and special equipment, according to requests from units

Humanitarian aid to the civilian population, which suffered as a result of hostilities caused by the attack of Russia.

What makes us different?

Our foundation provides a full cycle of assistance, from collection of funds to transfer directly to the unit from which the request was received. Including purchase, delivery to Ukraine, painting, equipment and adaptation of the car depending on needs.   

Реалізовані проекти



Valery Matvienko

Founder of the fund. Responsible for the direction "This is Victory"

Serhiy Mikhalchuk

responsible for the "This Heat" direction, heating and household appliances.

Dmytro Onyshchuk

Responsible for the direction "This is Mobile" - purchase and transportation of cars.

Володимир Беліцький

Відповідальний за напрямок «ЦеПартнерство» - пошук партнерів, фінансування проектів, забезпечення паливно-мастильними матеріалами

Anton Kolosyuk

Responsible for the direction "TseBezpechno" - Procurement of ammunition, special equipment and assistance to the civilian population.

Sergey Manko

Responsible for the "It's Reliable" direction - Accessories, reservations, current repairs of cars

Софія Сіра

Відповідальна за напрямок ЦеЗв‘язок. Взаємодія з партнерами та благодійниками фонду

Details of the "Avto Sich" Charitable Foundation

Funds collected by the Auto Sich Charitable Fund are collected for
support of the Ukrainian military on a permanent basis. By paying a charitable contribution through the online payment tool or in the case of payment using the details of the Auto Sich Charitable Fund, you agree to this, and also agree that the amount of the donation is non-refundable. 

Volunteer card

Bank institution - PrivatBank
MFO of the bank - 305299
IBAN – UA153052990262026400937092126
Recipient's account – 262026400937092126
Card number – 4149629359522547
Card currency – UAH
RNOKPP of the recipient – 2957007120
Purpose of payment - Replenishment of account MATVIENKO MARIA PAVLIVNA



Мережа TRC  – 20 

Account details

Name of the legal entity BO "BF "AVTO SICH"
EDRPOU code 44803508
IBAN UA143348510000000026008186856
Name of the bank JSC "PUMB"
Bank code (MFI) 334851

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04213, Kyiv, st. Annual 37/88


Phone : +380961677877

Email : avtosichfoundation@gmail.com

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